Tips for Moving Home (furniture removals)

May 30, 2018

There is a lot more to moving house than just organizing which removalist to choose; although this is a big part of the stress.

We have put some tips together to help make this process somewhat easier:

Finding the right furniture removalist for you!

Search Google or Facebook for local removalists. Once you have found a few, go to their websites and fill in an online quote. This way, you can compare quotes and also email responses, to see which service suits you best.

  • If this is too complex for your style of home or you’re not tech savvy, then call the removalist and ask if they offer free Visual Quotes.

Do you need packing supplies? Don’t pay full price for your boxes unless you choose to.

We suggest calling around your local removalists and see if they have any second-hand boxes for sale.

Want to get rid of your unwanted boxes after you have moved? (are they still in reasonable condition?) Call your local removalists and see if they will take them or even collect them for you, if you are unable to drop them off.

Please Remember: when packing, plastic tubs are not the best option. They brittle and break in the back of the trucks. They do not stack well due to this reason and you nearly always just end up with broken tubs on delivery.

You’re leading up to the move now…What next?

Why not research Facebook or Google for a local Carpet Cleaner? (don’t forget to ensure they can give you a receipt if you are needing one for a Real Estate). Another stress relief idea might be to think about whether to organize an end of lease cleaner (they are also good for property sales).

Once you have decided on your removalist, carpet cleaner and if you are going to clean yourself or have somebody else do it for you, we move on to packing of the house.

Chest of Drawers

We recommend all chest of drawers to be emptied. If on rollers, use masking tape to keep them closed and prevent them from rolling out during the move and being damaged.


Fridges and Freezers should be emptied and all glass shelving removed.


We recommend transporting your own televisions as these can be fragile in the back of a truck, however should you require these to be transported by the removalist, you should bubble wrap them and remove stands for extra protection.


Pets should be safely away from removalists on the day, to prevent tripping hazards and to prevent your little ones or big ones from escaping.

Pool Tables/Billiard Tables or Piano’s

If you have a Pool Table, Billiard Table or Piano, you must advise the removalist of this. These items require experience and expertise. We believe there should always be three men on these jobs to ensure the move is done correctly and precisely. A lot of removalists like ourselves will only move standard upright pianos, anything larger than this i.e., baby grand or grand pianos will require a piano specialist. They will also be required if you need a piano moved up or down stairs.

Dismantling & Reassembling

Please advise your removalist if you require dismantling and reassembling. Often removalists will not carry tools on them to do this. Brendan Hare Removals are happy to dismantle and reassemble as part of the hourly rate. We just need to be informed prior to the move, to ensure the team brings the tool bag with them on the job. This maybe required of your local removalist as well. Ensure you mention this at time of your booking.

Always confirm your booking

If you do not receive a confirmation email (some removalists do this and some do not), make sure you call about a week prior to your booking and confirm your booking is locked in ready to go.

Happy Moving