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Ballarat Removals and ANZAC Day

April 18, 2012You may think a connection between a removals company and ANZAC Day could be hard to draw, but not when you consider this removalists news story we recently discovered. A timely reminder that your removal company can do more than simply move your goods, they can be a keeper of history. Two years ago a...
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Backloading QLD

March 7, 2012Regular interstate trips to Queensland mean we aim to make the return trip worth our while and offer competitive backloading rates so we aren’t returning with a half empty truck. Our backloading Qld service is suitable for any size move from Queensland. We specialise in backloading and can negotiate with you where and when you...
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Backloading NSW

February 28, 2012Backloading is the best way to get value for money if you are relocating home or office from New South Wales to Victoria and at Hare Removals we do frequent interstate relocations so you can receive the benefit with our competitive prices. Filling otherwise empty trucks from a return Sydney or New South Wales trip...
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