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Whether you’re moving home or relocating your office, our packing services help people in Ballarat and surrounding areas take the stress out of moving.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot to organise when you’re preparing to relocate. Co-ordinating the kids, pets and partners can be hard enough – and that’s just getting them out from under your feet! It’s a hectic time and before you know it, moving day is looming and you’ve not even begun to pack your possessions.

So don’t let the pressure mount if you’re facing a big move. Call in our expert team to deliver professional packing services in Ballarat and let them lower your stress levels. From pre-packing and unpacking, including providing quality packing cartons, our experienced team can capably handle the heavy lifting for you.

Whether you’re relocating to a new office across town, downsizing to a unit by the beach or shifting to a bigger home on a hectare or two, our crew will get your packing done efficiently and carefully. We know your possessions are precious to you and we’ll make sure they’re packed safely for the road trip to their new location.


  • fragile items such as glassware and ornaments

  • books

  • awkward items

  • musical instruments

  • furniture

  • electrical appliances

  • office files.

There are few objects our packers haven’t handled and they have the skill and knowledge to ensure your items – from big to small – are securely packed. Careful labelling is also important, making unpacking easier for everyone when the items reach their destination.

Getting ready for a big move is a great time to sort unnecessary items from your home or business. But it’s always amazing just how much furniture, equipment and other precious possessions need to make the trip with you, even after you’ve had a massive cull. And many of those items need to find a box for the move.  If you don’t fancy hassling local businesses for spare boxes before you relocate, we have an extensive range of quality packing cartons available to save you time and effort.

We can supply you with sturdy cardboard boxes to store everything from valuable wine bottles and books to important files and office equipment. We’ve also got larger-sized boxes available too.

When it comes to packing services Ballarat and district people can trust for a quality result, call in the experts at Hare Removals. Just contact us and let our team do your packing and unpacking so you have more time for other essential tasks in your life. Don’t hesitate to ask about our other services including Ballarat self-storage and moving insurance.


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