Removalist services provided by Brendan Hare Removals

As your complete removalist specialists, Brendan Hare Removals can take care of every aspect of your next move or office relocation. Your next move couldn’t be easier – complete our free online quote or phone 03 5334 4490.

Take a look at our moving house tips to make it as smooth as possible, and don’t forget to ask us about our backloading rates, returning to Melbourne and Ballarat, Victoria from New South Wales and South Australia. See our complete coverage areas.

Transit Insurance

What Insurance Do We Offer and What do I need?

Your goods are covered by our transit insurance policy, which covers your belongings for fire, theft and roll over while in transit. If you are after a full insurance policy that covers each of your individual items, please seek full comprehensive insurance through an insurance provider or contact an insurance broker to look on your behalf.

Most people have contents insurance to protect their items while in their home. However, this insurance does not cover items while in transit or storage. Transit insurance only covers: fire, theft and roll-over, while in transit. Transit insurance does not cover the items/goods of a third party. Except-if, a full insurance policy document is prepared and approved by the insurance company and agreed to by the person applying for the insurance policy.

What you may consider and what you will require in your policy if you wish to obtain further insurance:

  • Type of cover required – either full or restricted policy
  • Distance the items/goods are being transported e.g., Interstate
  • Means of transport: Road
  • Settlement options: e.g., replacement of your items/goods or their market value.
  • Category of items/goods – high risk, i.e., fragile, breakable, value status.
  • Packaging and storing requirements
  • Delivery charge
  • Policy excess charge
  • History of claims

Pre-packing and packing services

Take one of the biggest stresses out of your next move or office relocation by leaving the pre-packing to Brendan Hare Removals. If you have young kids or pets – or are just too busy – call our packing professionals and we can pack your whole house for you: fragile items securely packed, books, awkward items, antiques and more. Ideal for office relocations; phone and ask us about our packing  service rates today.

Ballarat storage

You don’t have to be located in Ballarat to take advantage of Brendan Hare Removals storage. We can move your goods from Vic, southern NSW, ACT, SA to be stored in our Warehouse at great country rates or to a recommend local self storage facilities close by. Don’t waste money on expensive inner city or Melbourne storage, phone Brendan Hare Removals and ask us about our Ballarat short-term storage rates.

Please Note: We do not store vehicles or long term storage.

Cartons available

There is no need to use supermarket boxes for your move, Brendan Hare Removals have cartons available for books, wine, and files – and larger tea chest size moving boxes are available for both home and office relocations. You no longer need to worry about the bottoms dropping out of your dodgy old boxes, our cartons are sturdy and are made specifically for relocating. We can offer, other packaging requirements as well such as; packing tape, bubble wrap and butchers paper. We also have a buy-back-back option when you purchase from us. Contact us and tell us about your requirements.

Packages/parcel delivery

Do you need packages/parcels picked up or delivered along the East Coast of Australia? We can help. Call (03) 5334 4490.


Please be aware we do not transport vehicles.

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Interstate Office Removals

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Pre-packing & Packing Services

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